Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Wine Bottle Quilt Block

As some of you know, if you subscribe to my newsletter, I recently started a new part time job as a liquor store clerk. I wasn't sure I was going to like but it's actually not a bad job! And, BONUS!, I've lost six pounds already from all the lifting and carrying of liquids! :)

Anyway, sometimes it can be a bit boring, as all jobs can be, and then my mind will occasionally wander. As you know, I am prone to daydreams of quilts. So anyway, I was stocking the wine shelves one day and this block idea came to me. When I got home I drew it out on graph paper. It took me a few weeks to get a chance to actually test and tweak the block design and I am happy to say that today I released a block pattern! I have quilt designs coming but the block design is ready to go. Here it is! This is a 4" x 12" finished block.

I am having loads of fun fussy cutting wine bottle labels from my favorite Heather Ross prints. There are a lot of very cool wine bottle labels out there I have noticed so we can pretty much put anything we want on our quilt wine bottles and they will be true to life. :)

This block pattern is available now in my Etsy and Craftsy shops. Cheers!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Patchwork Death Star

I made a Patchwork Death Star pillow yesterday and people seem to really like it over on Instagram so I though I better share it here for those of you who aren't on IG. First, let me tell you a bit about the person who inspired me to make it.

You know how sometimes in life you meet someone and your personalities just click? That's what happened with me recently when I started a new job. One of my work mates and I just click and we work well together. It totally makes my day seeing this person and I really enjoy talking with them. So anyway, my friend is going through a bit of a hard time and I wanted to cheer them up. Since my super power is sewing (joking!) I naturally wanted to sew something for them. Enter the patchwork death star.

Here's what it looks like finished:

Patchwork Death Star pillow made by Anita of Daydreams of Quilts. Pattern by Quirky Granola Girl.
My friend loves movies, and Star Wars especially, so that was why I chose this project. You can find the free pattern here. The original pattern by Quirky Granola Girl is English paper pieced. While I do love EPP I wanted to get this project finished in one day so I used an applique method that I learned from Alyssa at Pile 'o Fabric in the Technicolor Galaxy course.

I printed out the pattern and taped the two halves together. I traced the whole pattern onto freezer paper. Then I placed a piece of muslin over the printed pattern and secured everything in place on my pressing board with pins. Working piece by piece I cut the shapes from the freezer paper and ironed them onto the front sides of my grey scraps. Then I cut them out, removed the freezer paper and glue basted them to the muslin using my iron to set the glue. (I used Elmer's washable glue sticks... the purple ones.)

Once all the pieces were basted down I fused strips of black Clover bias tape to cover the raw edges. To get a 3D effect it's important to imagine that the sun is shining on one side of the Death Star and work your fabric scraps from dark on the left to light on the right.

I cut around the Death Star with my rotary cutter to remove the excess muslin and glue basted the it to the background. I used black Cotton + Steel "Sprinkle" for my background. I put a piece of quilt batting behind the background and top stitched on all edges of the fusible bias tape to secure everything with black thread and quilt it at the same time. Then I fused bias tape around the whole outside edge of the Death Star and top stitched that. I added a quote from the movie "That's no moon" in white thread handwriting in free motion quilting and I free motion quilted the circle on the Death Star.

Then I trimmed, made my envelope pillow back and stitched that together with the pillow front and added binding in Lizzy House's Constellations fabric from her new Whisper Palette.

I am very happy with how this pillow turned out. I gave it to my friend almost immediately after finishing it and I think my cheering up plan worked. :)

P.S. Make sure you enter my 5 year Blog Anniversary giveaway before Thursday August 11th at midnight Mountain time! :)

Friday, 5 August 2016

Five Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway of "Uppercase" fat quarters!

Wow you guys! It's been five years of blogging at Daydreams of Quilts already! Time flies when you're having fun! Of course, it would not be fun at all if you weren't here following and commenting and generally being awesome. :) To celebrate five years, and all of you, I am giving away seven fat quarters of "Uppercase" by Janine Vangool for Windham Fabrics. I was so excited to see that the iconic spines of Uppercase Magazine were being brought out in fabric form and knew they would be my giveaway prize. (I love Uppercase Magazine. I highly recommend it!) I bought these lovelies from Studio 39 Fabrics. There are many more fantastic colours in the line but I tried to put together a cohesive bundle that represents me a little bit.

To enter please use the Rafflecopter below (it makes life so much easier for me). A winner will be selected by Random Number Generator on Thursday August 11th, 2016. Open to everyone world-wide. Giveaway is sponsored by Daydreams of Quilts. Thank you for being here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

"Lucky" Halloween quilt WIP

Hi quilting friends! I just realized I've hit over 101,000 page views on my blog! So exciting to be in the 6 digits. Thanks for being here with me!

Some of you told me you would like to see more quilts in progress so with that in mind here is what I'm working on this week. My "Lucky" Halloween quilt. (Pattern is "Lucky" by Thimble Blossoms.)

This is one of those projects that gets stalled and sits because it can get a bit tiresome as you can imagine with all those half square triangles. Trimming them nearly killed me! ;) Once you get through that though things start to speed up a bit. I got all 12 blocks put together yesterday.

Two rows were finished last night (don't mind my toes please) and I have two rows to go! The end is in sight!

What about you? What are you working on this week?

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Scrappy Green Caterpillar Quilt PDF Pattern Release 20% off for the week

I don't know about you but for some reason I have a lot of green scraps! It seems like I have more green scraps than any other colour. So in April I thought up my scrappy green caterpillar quilt idea and now in July that quilt has become a reality! The PDF pattern is now in my shops and is 20% off until Saturday July 30th. No coupon is needed as the price in all three shops is set 20% lower.

Find the Scrappy Green Caterpillar Quilt on:

CraftsyEtsy and Payhip

The Scrappy Green Caterpillar quilt uses 4.5" x 6.5" green scraps as well as 2.5" strips. You could use jelly roll strips and layer cake squares too if you wish.

I quilted my caterpillars with loops on the bodies and horizontal lines on the faces. The background was quilted with meandering stipple quilting and I quilted leaf shapes into the leaves on the border to make them more leaf-like.

I was thinking I might list my sample quilt for sale but my toddler seems quite taken with it. The quilt is a generously sized crib or toddler bed quilt at 42" x 54".

I was searching about in my sewing room for backing fabric and I very fortunately found this green Kate Spain fabric of which I had exactly enough for a backing! Love it when that happens! :)

The PDF quilt pattern includes computer generated diagrams for piecing the caterpillar faces and leaves as well as written instructions and the quilt layout diagram (shown above).

I hope this green scrap buster quilt helps you use up some of your green scraps and create a fun quilt in the process! The price will remain marked down by 20% through July 30th for the pattern release. Shop links:

CraftsyEtsy and Payhip

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Quilting Tools Peg Board Organizer

Hello quilters! At last I am blogging about my Quilting Tools Peg Board Organizer. I have been waiting for the perfect lighting conditions to take a photo of my peg board organizer but let's face it... my sewing room is in the basement and the lighting conditions will never be perfect. So here we are with a less than perfect info graphic that I have created for you. :) I am not a graphic designer as you can probably tell and this is a bit of a mish mash of free Canva arrows but I hope you get the gist of what I am showing you here.

Here's how I made my peg board:

My Dad gave me some old peg boards that he had in storage for years. I chose one of the larger ones and got my husband to square it up for me with his skil saw. I bought panel edge trim at the hardware store (about $40 CDN - it was just over $2.00 a foot) which my husband cut with a mitre box. If you, or your spouse, are lucky enough to own a compound mitre saw that would make the job really easy. If not, you can get a mitre box fairly inexpensively or even easier... get the hardware store to cut them to your measurements (I know they do this at Home Depot.) Just make sure your measurements are very accurate! Maybe take along the peg board just to be on the safe side.

Attach your trim pieces to your peg board with a brad nailer. If you do not own one you can rent these types of tools by the hour from places like Home Depot. (Wear safety glasses!) If you are going the rental route try to have several projects lined up ready to nail to make it worthwhile renting the tool.

Fill the nail holes with poly fill or paintable caulking. Sand smooth and paint. I painted both my peg board and trim with Country Chic Paint all-in-one decor paint. The peg board was painted with "Tropical Cocktail" and the trim was painted with "Rocky Mountain." This is a clay based self priming paint that dries with a chalky finish. I decided the turquoise (Tropical Cocktail) was a bit too bright after two coats so I went over it with the slate grey (Rocky Mountain) and then wiped it off with a rag to give the peg board more of a grunge look.

We attached a 2 x 4 to the wall making sure to drill the screws right into the studs behind the drywall. Make sure to screw the 2 x 4 into the studs as the peg board itself has some weight and then when you add all the pegs and tools it will get really heavy. Drywall on it's own will not be able to hold it!

Then we attached the peg board to the 2 x 4 by putting screws through some of the holes at the top and drilling into the 2 x 4.

I bought all kinds of peg board hardware at Canadian Tire. I spent about $40 CDN total, including the two plastic "spa baskets" at the bottom of the board, and I have many left to make another peg board. You can also find peg board hardware at places like Walmart and Home Depot. Try to get some variety packs so you have lots of options.

I just started putting up pegs and adding my quilting tools to the board until I had all my little bits and pieces organized. I tried to think of it as setting up a display in a shop and I think it did turn out that way. So now I can "shop" my supplies. I have some empty space too so I can add more tools and supplies later.

This has made a huge difference to my productivity! I can see all my tools and find them quickly. Here is a photo without my crazy arrows all over it. :)

I hope this gives you some ideas for organizing your own tools and supplies. Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Monday, 18 July 2016

Gingham Dogs and Calico Cats PDF Quilt Pattern

Hello! I am thrilled today to have two exciting things to tell you. My latest PDF pattern release is called the "Gingham Dog and Calico Cat Quilt" and it is launching today on UpCraftClub and in my

CraftsyEtsy and Payhip

 shops later this week. Follow me on Etsy or Craftsy to be notified when I upload new patterns. More about my new pattern below.

But first! Did you notice my new blog header!? 

My amazing cousin Brie, who is a graduate of Emily Carr School of Art, designed it for me along with a new logo and avatar. That's little me up there daydreaming of quilts! I am ecstatic with joy over this! :) If you would like me to put you in touch with her to inquire about designing a logo for you please send me an email. (Click the envelope in the mason jars on the sidebar or leave a comment.) Or, contact her on her website at the link on her name. :)

Okay, so here is my new pattern:

Gingham Dog and Calico Cat Quilt designed, pieced and quilted by Anita LaHay of Daydreams of Quilts. Made with "April Showers" by Bonnie and Camille for Moda Fabrics.
First, let me begin by thanking my friend Lori of SewPsychd for gifting me the fabrics I used in the quilt. Aren't they lovely!? For the longest time I couldn't think what to make with them and one day I was flipping through the book pictured below that my Mom gave to me years ago.

I was searching for inspiration when I came across this quilt:

Then it struck me that a Gingham Dog and Calico Cat quilt was the perfect use for these "April Showers" fabrics that have gingham and calico prints among them. I do like the quilt above and I do enjoy embroidery but just now in my life I did not want to embroider 12 dog and cat faces. :) So I designed a quilt using dog and cat silhouettes.

Close-up of Gingham Dog and Calico Cat Quilt.
I seem to have quite a lot of this "April Showers" fabric in my stash so I had enough on hand for the backing and binding as well.

UpCraft Club is launching my pattern today. They have it on sale for today and tomorrow for 20% off! You can find it here. On July 20th this pattern will be available in my online shops as well. I hope you will enjoy my new pattern!

This pattern makes a generous crib/toddler bed quilt at 43" x 54.5". There are suggestions for ways to size the quilt up if you prefer a larger quilt. The pattern includes three dog and two cat applique templates, a quilt layout diagram and a quilt coloring page along with instructions and fabric requirements for the toddler bed quilt. Use a bundle of fat eighths (there will be leftovers for another project) or a combination of fat eigths and 2.5" strips to make your quilt.